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On December 26, 1989, Roberto Jesus Marcoli, nicknamed Baby Jesus, was kidnapped from St. Theresa’s hospital in Banpark, Illinois and never found. Years later a psychic uncovers the devastating truth but at what cost?

Fiction-Mystery/Suspense, Paperback, 5.25x8, 336 p. Retail: $15.99.

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The ebook is currently available through Amazon.

The Red Shoes - FICTION

This book is about Harriet, a troubled woman who ventures into an art gallery and is drawn to the painting titled, The Red Shoes. She meets a woman and their interaction that day leaves Harriet with a different perspective on life. 

The painting on the cover is an oil painting I created years ago that has special meaning to me. It came through as a vision along with the face of my grandmother, Emma. I saw it as a gift from her. This gift was confirmed when my mother visited one day and said the shoes reminded her of her mother. Talk about a shocker! Others commented on the painting which inspired me to create the book. While it's currently out of print, I have some available for purchase.

Fiction, 5x8, Paperback, 110 p.  $7.99 (+shipping)



EWW! What's That Stinky Smell? Stanley and Tilly are bothered by a stinky smell. What will they do?                      

8x8 softcover, 32p. Retail price: $11.95  

Discounted Price: $8.95 (+shipping)

Ebook version (Kindle format) is available through Amazon.

PEETY PILLOW This unique two-sided 8" pillow is so soft and cuddly, you'll want one for yourself.  Peety is awake on one side and then asleep on the other. The blanket attaches easily by Velcro.  

After a bedtime story is read, you tuck your child into bed and your child will tuck Peety into bed. Then off to dreamland they both go. 

Retail price: $9.95.

Discounted Price: $5.99 (+shipping) 

LOOK AT ME!  Care to play pretend? 

Peety loves this game.  He's a cloud, a kitten, and so much more.  No matter how much fun he has pretending, Peety is happy to be himself.

8x8 hardcover, 32p. Retail price: $11.95

Discounted price: $7.99 (+shipping) 

Printed book or extended ebook version (Kindle format) also available through Amazon.

There Is A Monster In My Closet!  Oooh, monsters in Peety's bedroom? First, he's scared and then he's smart. Peety figures out how to get rid of those silly monsters. Includes a read-along audio CD, narrated by some wonderful kids. 8x10 softcover, 32p. Retail price: $12.95

Discounted price: $7.99 (+shipping) 

Printed book or ebook version (Kindle format) are also available through Amazon.



Debut Novel, Stealing Baby Jesus, is now available in print.







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